PDM condemns construction of shacks

The official opposition has condemned the corrugated-iron homes built in Kavango West as “an act of corruption, inhumanity and poor planning”.

30 September 2020 | Infrastructure



The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) has condemned the government’s move to construct 33 shacks for marginalised communities in the Kavango West Region.

The corrugated-iron structures, which cost N$1.4 million, have no bathrooms or toilets.

PDM secretary for information and publicity, Hidipo Hamata, said the move is illegal by housing standards and is an act of corruption, inhumanity and poor planning, as well as a declaration of mental bankruptcy by the Swapo government.

The shacks were built at Nkurenkuru Extension 5, Siurungu and Mayara villages to benefit about 100 people.

However, water was only provided at Nkurenkuru Extension 5, where three communal taps were installed.

Nation shocked

News of the shacks, which were handed over by gender equality, poverty eradication and child welfare minister Doreen Sioka, sent shock waves throughout the country, with many condemning the government’s decision.

Hamata argued that over the years, they have witnessed the demolition of shacks, with local authorities saying they are not fit for human habitation and do not meet housing standards.

He also described the situation as an insult to the people of Kavango West.

“It is sickening, wrong and utterly nonsense of government to approve of such an amount for such a project,” Hamata said.

‘Limited resources’

He said the money spent was sufficient to construct precast houses with water and toilets.

Meanwhile, Sioka acknowledged the absence of toilets and described the communities as living in a desperate situation, having to relieve themselves in the veld.

The lack of toilets has been attributed to limited resources.

Government built the shacks after the communities’ shocking living conditions were exposed in the media.

It was announced that Nored would electrify the 33 shacks before June 2021.

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