Young tailor has a big dream

28 November 2018 | Life Style

A 28-year-old tailor who operates at the Rundu Open Market says he dreams of one day running his own boutique.

Arnoldeus Kamana from Karutci village in Kavango East Region talked to Ewi lyaNooli about his career and ambitions.

Kamana is the sole breadwinner for his five younger siblings.

He said he started the tailoring business in 2014 after having spent the entire 2013 at home practising on his aunt's sewing machine.

“In 2013 I was just home and then I decided to follow in the footsteps of my aunt by sewing and eventually I got better with time, as practice makes perfect.”

He doesn't have a formal qualification in tailoring but is passionate about his chosen career.

“I did not go to any school to learn how to sew but I just practised at home and people around me kept motivating me to pursue a career in tailoring and that is how I ended up as a tailor,” Kamana said.

Kamana passed his grade 10 national examination and tried to matriculate through Namcol, but he quit because tailoring took up so much of his time that he gave little attention to his books.

Kamana says he makes enough money to sustain himself and his family.

He says he has reached the point in his career where he can design anything.

“At the beginning it was difficult because you are afraid that a customer will complain but now I am very confident. A person can download any kind of design and I will do it for him or her with no fear,” Kamana said.

One of the high points in his career is seeing people wearing some of his designs in the streets. He says that it is the wish of every tailor.

Asked who inspires him, Kamana said he admirers the work of various Nigerian and local tailors.

Kamana says one day he wants to have his own boutique, as he doesn't see himself tailoring at the open market forever.

“One has to grow and if you look at this environment it is not that conducive,” Kamana said.

He said he struggles to display his products at the open market because of the small open space he rents.

The open market is also windy and during the rainy season he doesn't have much business.


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