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29 November 2017 | Accidents

Get your car ready for your holiday road trips by visiting the Wangara branch in Ongwediva.

Namibia has one of the highest road fatalities per capita in the world. One of the biggest contributing factors to accidents is badly cared for tyres and tyres that are not aligned, which leads to tyres bursting causing crashes. The fatality rate is generally higher during holiday seasons and as we approach Christmas, Wangara Tyre and Fitment Centre is by your side to get you there safely.

Wangara Tyre and Fitment Centre is a Namibian brand that was established three years ago by four women who wanted to make a difference in the high road fatality rate in the country. With three branches, two in Windhoek and one in Ogwediva, Wangara now employs 25 Namibians.

“We are getting there and doing really well. However, with the crunch in the economy, people are sadly not spending on their safety. They would for example come in and buy only two tyres and not a new set. This is not always the safest thing to do,” said Ken Joseph, Wangara's country manager.

Wangara does not have a specific target market and offers exceptional service for everyone who owns a car and wants to be safe. This is peak season for the company and Joseph advises vehicle owners to get their cars serviced every 10 000 km and ensure that the tyres are balanced and aligned. Checking the tread and ensuring there are no slow punctures or bubbles on the tyre walls are also critical.

“We strongly recommend the use of nitrogen as it keeps the tyres' temperature constant whilst air fluctuates depending on the conditions of the road. The tyre does not heat up and thus, your risk of a burst is reduced. Pressure is also very important because a flat tyre heats up on long distances. During the Namibian festive season the temperatures are very high and it's recommended to use nitrogen especially for those travelling long distances in the heat,” said Joseph.

Wangara prides itself in having cutting-edge technology. The company also ensures that staff are fully trained and are regularly up-skilled. They plan on expanding their branches to other Namibian towns, Africa and the Caribbean Islands. “We are in talks and doing research too and Ghana is one country where we are getting a really positive response. We should be opening doors in Ghana by the beginning of 2019,” said Joseph.

For this festive season, Wangara has a special running from 28 November to 24 December at the Ongwediva branch.

“We have a full-house package including wheel alignment, balancing, nitrogen and rotation for N$500, and ,there will be a discount on all tyre brands and sizes. Nitrogen is N$30 per tyre,” said Joseph. Wangara also has new trading hours, servicing you for longer from 07:00 to 18:00.

June Shimuoshili

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