Proud & diverse

29 November 2017 | Education

The principal of Ruacana High School in Omusati Region, Thomas Nakale, says it is a multicultural school that introduces children from the nomadic ovaHimba, ovaZemba, ovaNdongona and ovaHerero communities to modern lifestyles.

He says the school also admits learners from other parts of northern Namibia who expose local learners to the modern world, which helps them with their studies.

He says most of the local learners enter the school in grade 8 knowing little about life outside their area, which makes learning difficult for them.

“The majority of the local learners, when they are coming for grade 8 are in a state of marginalism and trying to leave their nomadic lifestyles behind, which makes it difficult for them to study. Since the school admits other learners from different backgrounds, learners start mingling and these learners start transforming them, which also boosts their performance,” Nakale says.

The school has 581 learners from grade 8 to 12. Most of them live in the school hostel. Nakale commended the town council for creating a perfect learning and teaching environment for learners and teachers alike. The school is situated in Ruacana township and he says this keeps the school away from all sorts of social distractions.

“This place is very quiet. There is not much movement as is the case with other schools in other towns. Much of the time they are only focusing on their studies,” he said.

He added that the school offers both vocational and academic teaching. It is also doing well in sport.

During the 2017 Omusati State of the Region address, governor Erginus Endjala announced that Ruacana High School was the only school in the region given a mandate to offer vocational subjects.

Dolis Mulilo, a grade 11 pupil, said the school is diversified but learners are working together very well. She said those from more advanced communities assist those from marginalised communities to change their lifestyle and improve their learning.

“Some of the learners from marginalised communities were not exposed to advanced lifestyles when they get admitted to the school.

"They learn from others, especially English, and they improve with time and some of them become top performers,” Mulilo said.

Another learner, Indileni Hango, said the town is not that developed, which makes it a conducive environment for learners.

“We only get out of school during home weekends. We spend most of our time in the school as there is nowhere to go. This is why the school is doing well academically,” Hango said.

Learners and teachers of Ruacana say the only thing needed in Ruacana is a community library to promote a reading culture.


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