Oukwanyama queen urges hard work

31 January 2018 | Cultural

Oukwanyama Queen Mwadinomho Martha ya Kristian Nelumbu has urged her people to work hard in their fields during the rainy season to make sure that they produce enough food for their families.

Nelumbu said the government should stop giving drought relief to those who do not want to work and spend their time at cuca shops.

She said many parts of Oukwanyama have received good rains and are blessed with fertile soil that could produce enough food for the inhabitants.

She said those with livestock must take good care of them and keep them out of others people's fields.

“The Oukwanyama Traditional Authority has allocated land for mahangu production to inhabitants. Let us use the land and rain blessing to produce our own food so that we can stop depending on the government for drought relief even during good years.

“Those who do not want to work, the government must stop giving them drought relief food,” Nelumbu said in her new year's message.

“People must stop spending their productive time at cuca shops. Cuca shops must be closed during times when people are busy in their mahangu fields and should only open at 12:00.

“Whoever is found selling drinks to people during working hours must be summoned by village headmen. Those with livestock must make sure that they are taken care of so that they do not destroy others' crops.”

The Oukwanyama Traditional Authority, like other traditional authorities in Namibia, is responsible for the allocation of customary land rights under the Communal Land Reform Act of 2002.


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