OPE pushes free connections

25 September 2019 | Energy

Oshakati Premier Electric (OPE) is on the verge of completing its free connections project taking place through its electrification master plan. In 2001, the OPE commissioned the master plan and 1 200 households were identified to benefit from free connections to their homes.

According to OPE CEO Nelson Sheya 869 households have already benefitted, while the remaining households will be connected by June 2020.

“The OPE conducted research, as part of its research development objectives, in areas that had previously been reticulated (electrified), focusing on households that had not applied for connections in the past 12 years.

“During the research, the OPE identified 1 200 households that would benefit from service connections from the reticulation network to their homes,” Sheya said.

“The implementation of the master plan began with the electrification of Uupindi North, Uupindi South, Evululuko extensions 10, 11, 12 and Okandjengedi South, and was finalised in Ompumbu in 2015, where we spent N$30 million.”

As part of the master plan's scope from 2019 to 2026, the OPE has embarked on projects to electrify 344 households to the tune of N$22 million.

They will electrify 90 houses at Oshandumbala at a cost of N$4 million, 100 houses at Othingo at a cost of N$5 million, 28 houses at extensions 2 and 3 at a cost of N$1.4 million, seven houses at Emono at a cost of N$338 489 and 119 houses at Reception at a cost of N$11 million.

“The OPE requested the shareholder to allow the retention of 50% of its return on investments, valued at N$3.5 million annually, for two financial years (N$7 million), to finance this project.

"The Oshakati town council, which is our shareholder, granted our request and has also allowed us to retain 50% of its return on investment for the next seven years, in order to finish this project to the tune of N$25 million,” Sheya added.


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