Onankali village gets new clinic

31 August 2016 | Health

The problems experienced at the Ndamono clinic at Onankali will soon be something of the past, as the dilapidated building will be replaced with a modern clinic that is under construction.
Ewi lya Nooli visited the existing clinic and observed the lack of space in the building and the poor state of the roof, to single out just a few of the infrastructural challenges the community clinic staff and patients endure.
However one cannot ignore the infrastructural development taking place just metres away from the clinic. According to David Mulilo of the Oshikoto health directorate the value of the new project is over N$8 million and is expected to be completed by July 2017.
Mulilo said the government saw it fit to construct the modern clinic and that the construction of the clinic is in line with the Harambee Prosperity Plan.
“The new Ndamono clinic will be equipped with modern equipment. Currently the construction is under way,” Mulilo said.
The nurse in charge of the Ndamono clinic, Sister Rachel Samuel, could not contain her excitement over the construction of the new clinic. She said they have come a long way in serving the community of Onankali and those from neighbouring areas.
“We are very happy for the construction of the clinic. I wish it will be completed today already,” Samuel said.
Samuel said the seven-room building they are currently operating from is the second building, as the clinic was first at a different location constructed by the community members in 1988 but was replaced with this one which was constructed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN) Medical Mission Services.
According to Samuel, the clinic treats up to 50 people per day and that figure excludes those coming in for follow-ups.
Currently there are only two staff members running the clinic, which Samuel said is a challenge given the large number of patients who visit the clinic.
However the biggest challenge the clinic is faced with according to Samuel is the lack of space inside the building. She said it is not good to see a lot of people with different health issues confined in a small area waiting for a nurse to treat them.

Namsov donation

The Namsov Community Trust, as part of its corporate social responsibility, donated equipment worth N$50 000 to the Ndamono clinic.
The donation consist of two examination beds, three standard bed mattresses, a vaccine fridge, a temperature monitoring machine, a heavy-duty wheelchair and a mobile stand exam lamp.
Namsov Community Trust project coordinator Anna-Marie Molatudi said the donation of medical equipment to Ndamono clinic was for the betterment of the clinic.
“At Namsov Community Trust, we are committed to sharing what we harvest by involving ourselves in community initiatives. Ndamono clinic is one of those projects that have benefited from such an initiative.
“We want to be part of the positive change in our society,” she said.
Namsov last year pledged to donate N$500 000 to community projects in all 14 regions and the funds are coordinated by the regional governors’ offices.


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