Engombe village gets a cell tower

30 May 2018 | Ministries

Many rural communities still do not have cellphone network coverage, which makes it difficult for them to call the police or an ambulance in case of emergency.

This month MTC, under its 081Every1 campaign, commissioned a network tower at Engombe village in the Uuvudhiya constituency, bringing to an end that community's wait for network reception.

The 081Every1 campaign is part of MTC's strategy to expand its customer base in rural Namibia, while bringing mobile telephony and wireless internet access to these remote areas.

According to MTC, the objective of 081Every1 is to bridge the digital divide between urban and rural areas and to ensure that rural people enjoy the same mobile technology benefits as those living in towns.

Information and communication technology minister Stanley Simataa, who inaugurated the network tower, said the ministry was pained by the fact that rural communities do not have access to network connectivity.

“The ministry of ICT has always been concerned and aggrieved by the crude knowledge that most rural communities are disadvantaged from the mainstream connectivity participation due to poor or inadequate network coverage. This is a concern, which does not only rest with the ministry and MTC but with other key players in the telecommunications sphere,” Simataa said.

He applauded of MTC's effort to erect network towers in rural areas.

“I am confident that through this major capital project investment, the 081Every1 campaign, our people will have access to the network and basic telecommunications services,” Simataa said.


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