Chika to release 'Oshihomo' soon

31 October 2018 | Art and Entertainment

An Afro-pop artist from Oshakati, Immanuel Kamati, says he will soon release his second album following the success of his 2016 debut album.

The new album is titled 'Oshihomo', which is the Oshiwambo word for 'thunder'.

Kamati, known by his stage name 'Chika', has been in the music industry for over 12 years.

In 2016 Kamati released his debut album titled 'Meumbo Lange Omun'iipango', which means 'In My House There Are Rules'.

This month Ewi lyaNooli caught up with the aspiring Afro-pop artist to find out what his fans can expect from the upcoming offering.

Kamati said 'Oshihomo' will be a 16-track album featuring local artists such as Kamasutra, Buju Kajoko, John King, Kinnzo and VDK Crazy Boy, who is a well-known music producer in the north.

“This album will be the next big thing in the market. I know my fans will appreciate what I prepared for them.

I did not title the album 'Thunder' for nothing,” Kamati said.

Regarding the release of his debut album in 2016, Kamati said it was a good experience and his fans who bought the album encouraged him to continue pushing harder to deliver hit songs.

He said songs from his debut album are still enjoying airplay on radio stations, which is something he always dreamt of since starting his music career.

“My debut album was a success and I thank my fans for showing me love and support. My songs are playing on the radio, which is good because every artist wants his songs played on air,” Kamati said.

Kamati also used the opportunity to talk about his newly released single, titled 'Kondjeni Nomukumo', a track on which he featured Top 10 Star and VDK Crazy Boy.

“If you listen to this single of mine, it is powerful and it is just a glimpse of what my fans can expect in the upcoming album.

The track is already with various radio stations and my fans can request it or follow me on the different social media platforms if they would like to get a copy of it,” Kamati said.

Kamati also talked about the concerns he has about the Namibian music industry. He called on radio deejays to play less foreign music, especially South African music, which he said is dominating the airwaves.

He also urged event organisers to include more local artists and stop importing foreign artists who only come to Namibia for the money and leave without spending a cent.

“Our music industry will not grow if foreign music keeps dominating in Namibia. We local artists contribute to the economy of this country and we assist the poor people in our communities, yet event organisers call international acts who come here for the money and leave.

When people say our country is broke it is because money goes out of the country and music is no exception,” Kamati said.

He therefore called on event organisers and radio deejays to promote more local music and artists.

Kamati is currently signed with Kafo Kape Trading, owned by Indileni Set Sam Iipinge.

Iipinge told Ewi lyaNooli that the reason his company decided to invest in Kamati was simply because the artist had shown ambition and willingness to achieve greatness.

“I am a person who associates with people who want to succeed and Chika is moving in that direction,” Iipinge said.

As for the release date of the album, Kamati said he still needs to work on a couple of songs but his album will be for sale by December or early January.


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