Bumper mahangu harvest for female farmer

27 June 2018 | Agriculture

After investing much of her time and money in her farm at Oupili village in the Ohangwena Region, Anna-Nora Lameck (61) has achieved her goal of reaping a bumper harvest.

Two months ago Ewi lyaNooli profiled the retired Namdeb employee who had turned to fulltime farming. She encouraged Namibians to make maximum use of their energies and the resources they have access to instead of sitting at home doing nothing.

In that article, the confident and fit pensioner said she still had a lot to contribute towards the Namibian economy.

At the time, Lameck was cultivating a field planted with different crops, mainly mahangu, and she expected a great harvest.

This month Ewi lyaNooli visited Lameck again and found that she was indeed reaping what she had sown.

“I did it. I got the bumper harvest I told you about and all thanks to God who blessed us with the land and the good rains we had this year,” an excited Lameck said.

Lameck believes that it would go a long way towards solving the nation's poverty problem if every Namibian who has a farm invested their time and money in farming.

“What I did this year demonstrates that we Namibians are not lazy, nor are we unable to address the issues the country faces such as poverty, we just need to use our time and money wisely.

“Imagine if an entire community has households with bumper harvests. It would mean there is enough food for that community until the next harvest season,” she says.

Asked what she will do with the tons of mahangu she has harvested, Lameck said she would distribute some to her family and friends and also sell some to the Agro-Marketing Trade Agency (AMTA) silos at Okongo.

She said she has been selling to AMTA for a number of years but this year it will be more.

“Like I told you before, I am looking at the bigger picture which is to produce bumper harvests in order to complement President Hage Geingob's Harambee Prosperity Plan, which is that we should pull together in the same direction,” Lameck said.

At the time of the visit Lameck said she still had to harvest the last of the mahangu in her field.

Apart from crop farming, Lameck has also ventured into poultry and livestock farming.

She has a variety of chicken breeds, many of which are rare in the northern parts of the country.

As for her livestock, Lameck has cows, goats, sheep and pigs, which she has a special bond with.

Encouraging Namibians

Lameck believes the agriculture sector has the potential to lift Namibians out of poverty.

She argues that if the government invests heavily in agriculture it would not only address the issue of poverty but also the high unemployment rate in the country, especially among the youth.

“Having in mind the millions we hear are leaving our country through importing things that we can produce ourselves, we can save as a country which will help our economy grow and depend less on imports.”

Lameck further believes that one can be a successful farmer with or without formal education; all it takes is hard work and initiative.

“We have a lot of unemployed people but their mahangu fields at their villages were not cultivated to capacity, which should not be the case. If the youth in the villages decide that every year they will cultivate their mahangu fields to full capacity, they will have enough food for their families as well as for selling to make an income,” she says.

“My message to fellow Namibians is that we should work hard and always think of producing something that will benefit a fellow Namibian.”


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