Best-performing learners rewarded

26 September 2018 | Education

Tueufilua Samuel Nepunda Combined School has held an inaugural prize-giving ceremony for its best-performing learners and teachers.

The school, situated in Omulonga constituency of Ohangwena, enrolled about 720 learners this year, which is a below-average figure.

Ewi lyaNooli was informed the school normally registers about 860 learners a year.

The school has a teaching staff of 27 qualified teachers, four temporary staff members and two security officers.

School principal Pius Ashipala expressed his utmost gratitude towards the teachers who organised the prize-giving event, saying it will surely motivate the learners, especially those who did not meet the requirements to be rewarded.

Ashipala used the opportunity to motivate the learners, saying events of this nature should spur them on whenever they are studying. “This event is not just for those that are going to be awarded today, but it is for those that could not meet the requirements to be awarded to be motivated and pull up their socks. Learners you must just take your education seriously and you will make it far in life,” Ashipala said.

Grade 4 learner Mwendobe Matilde was recognised as the school's overall best-performing learner, after she achieved an average of 83.3%.

Matilde also scooped the best learner in natural science, best learner in grade 4 and best learner at senior primary level awards.

She told Ewi lyaNooli her favourite subject is English and that she would like to become a doctor in future.

She said she is happy to have been awarded the best learner title and looks forward to retaining the prestigious honour.

“I am happy and I want to remain being the best learner in the school. I know what to do and I will surely be the best learner next year again,” Matilde said.

He mother Kalapuse Shindubu said she was happy that her daughter was the best overall learner.

“She deserves it because she takes her school work seriously and I am happy that she is the best leaner in the school,” Shindubu said.

She said her daughter studies during the day and at 04:00, before she walks to school from Etope village.

Asked what advice she would give fellow parents, in terms of supporting their children to perform well, Shindubu said it all comes down to discipline.

She said parents should instil discipline in their children and continuously motivate them to achieve greatness.

“Children have dreams and the moment you believe in their dreams, they will be motivated and one day you will be part of the dream, once it becomes a reality.

“I therefore call on parents to support their children with their studies, because the school and teachers cannot do it alone,” Shindubu added.


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