Passionate about agriculture

28 August 2019 | Agriculture

Former security guard Victor Kasinda says he gets much more job satisfaction from his current job as caretaker at an irrigation project near Rundu.

Kasinda (57) has been working at the Salem agriculture cooperative, situated about five kilometres east of Rundu, for the past ten years.

The Salem cooperative is a 34-hectare piece of land that has been divided among 43 small-scale farmers.

Kasinda is one of many caretakers hired by these farmers to take care of their crops. Although he is close to retirement age, Kasinda is eager to work in order to support his wife and seven children who live with him at Tuhingireni location in Rundu. Kasinda says after working more than ten years as a security guard for a Rundu-based company, he felt that he could not continue and had to look for a better job.

He was then employed as caretaker at one of the small-scale irrigation farms at the cooperative, a job which he became passionate about.

“I like this job because working with plants livens up my spirit and to see the seeds that you have planted growing into food which people will eat, it is just great,” Kasinda says. Subsistence farmers and vendors from Rundu flock to the Salem cooperative when they hear of a crop being harvested, which they resell in the towns. With the current drought situation, the demand for the produce has increased drastically.

Kasinda believes that the government should strengthen its efforts to develop agriculture in the interest of food security.

“If the government invests more in the agriculture sector poverty within our communities will go down. People need to eat and for them to eat, we have to produce food,” he says.

With his 10 years' experience in agriculture, Kasinda feels that if he manages to secure a piece of land of his own, he would be able to produce food and make a better living.

“Give me the land and you will see, I will produce food because I now know how to work with plants,” he says confidently.