Ohangwena registers increase in malaria cases

Good rains bring mosquitoes

25 March 2020 | Health

The Ohangwena Region has registered an increase in malaria cases, with 1 106 confirmed positive cases and two deaths between January to 15 March this year, compared to a total of 610 cases registered last year.

This was confirmed by the director of health and social services in the region, John Hango, on Monday. β€œI don't want to comment on whether this is an outbreak at this stage, but what I can confirm to you is that the cases are on the increase comparatively,” Hango said.

He indicated that all 12 constituencies of the Ohangwena Region are affected this year, unlike in previous years when only those along the Namibia-Angola border were affected.

Reported cases

Hango pointed out that clinics at local hospitals have more cases, followed by the clinics alongside the border, while those that did not report such cases before are now reporting them.

β€œIt is difficult to pinpoint the cause of the increase. However, with good rains received this year and poor spray coverage for 2019 due to logistical issues, one could perhaps speculate that these are some of the reasons for the increase in malaria cases in 2020,” he explained.

The director said his office has implemented measures which include community education and information sharing on how families can protect themselves from getting infected with malaria, as well as in-service training for community health workers to continue engaging their communities, giving them information on prevention and reminding them to go to the hospital early for treatment.

Hango said people aged 20 years and above are most affected as they are likely to be outside, either working or socialising.