N$29 million sporting boost

27 November 2019 | Sports

The sports ministry this month officially received the site for the envisaged Kavango West multipurpose youth centre, which will be constructed to the tune of about N$29 million at Nkurenkuru.

Sports minister Erastus Uutoni officially received the site from the Nkurenkuru town council.

He revealed that N$5 million has already been budgeted during the current financial year for the feasibility study and the fencing off of the area.

Uutoni further said N$13 million will be budgeted during the 2020/21 financial year, while N$11.6 million will be budgeted during the 2021/20 fiscal year for the construction of the facility.

The minister said the multipurpose centre will comprise of various sports facilities as well as an administration block, ablution facilities, conference facility, library, tailoring workshop, computer room, dormitories, a kitchen and a dining hall.

Uutoni explained that the ministry acknowledges the need for such a facility in Kavango West, as it will enhance the skills of the youth.

“The ministry believes that the empowerment and development of the youth is most crucial for any given country; thus providing safe, structured, and inclusive settings that focus on a broad range of developmental needs can best serve the needs of young people,” Uutoni said.

“The structured activities provide opportunities for skills building and related improvements in specific self-competencies, for positive peer interactions and the development of friendship.”

The Namibia Training Authority (NTA) has already started with the fencing off of the area.

This development comes just months after Ewi lyaNooli reported about the lack of sport facilities in Kavango West, which has been a challenge for sports lovers, more especially the youth of the region, who are unable to enhance their skills.

The multipurpose centre project has been in the pipeline for more than three years, but no progress was made, a situation which saw the Kavango West governor Sirkka Ausiku consistently calling for the project to kick off.

Kavango West regional sports committee chairperson Egidius Mangundu Nambara had also expressed disappointment over the lack of sports facilities in the region.

During the handover ceremony, Nkurenkuru mayor Erastus Sitentu Kandjimi expressed his utmost gratitude towards the ministry for having decided to commence with the project, saying it is long overdue.

Uutoni also used the opportunity to talk about the importance of creating opportunities for younger members of society.

“I would like to emphasise that young people in our society are an increasingly visible and active component in community development efforts, as communities are a first entity that all of us encounter beyond our families,” Uutoni said.

“It is important, therefore, for youth to have clearly defined roles and opportunities, which will allow them to actively participate in their communities, rather than having passive roles.

“A relationship, therefore, between youth and community leadership is a key long-term part of community development efforts.”