Ministry rolls out countrywide 'Smart Cut' campaign

01 July 2016 | Health

The Ministry of Health and Social Services, in collaboration with two local musicians, are touring around the country to raise awareness of the benefits of male circumcision.
The first phase of the campaign started at Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region where the Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) team and well-known artists The Dogg and Shotgun visited schools and held public awareness events on the importance of men getting circumcised.
From Zambezi the team moved on to the Oshana Region where men and boys at Ondangwa, Ongwediva and Oshakati were motivated to get the ‘smart cut’.
The programme leader in Oshakati, Aina Iitula, said the aim of campaign was to reach a target set in 2009 – for 28 889 men to get circumcised by the year 2017.
Iitula said so far fewer than 9 000 men have been circumcised, which excludes the traditional circumcision rituals that are still being practised by some cultures.
“The response has been low, especially during the first five years, as most of the circumcisions were recorded from 2014 but we hope to reach the target.
“Male circumcision reduces men’s risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases,” she said.
She said male circumcision is for boys 10 years and older.
According to the Ministry the HIV infection rate in the country stood at 18% in 2014.
“I urge all boys 10 years and older and men to get circumcised as it comes with lifesaving benefits,” Iitula said.
The campaign is going to the Erongo Region next and then to the Khomas Region.