Mbambo urges coronavirus vigilance

Concern about Angolan border

25 March 2020 | Health

As part of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, Kavango East regional governor Samuel Mbambo has called upon the inhabitants of his region to adhere to the health ministry's instructions.

In an interview with Ewi lyNooli, Mbambo emphasised the importance of cleanliness in the battle against the deadly virus. The Kavango East Region has an estimated population of 140 000, of whom close to 90 000 live in the regional capital, Rundu.

Mbambo warned them not to take chances as far as their health is concerned.

“I would like to call up on all the inhabitants of this region to adhere to the call of the ministry of health and social services,” Mbambo said.

Wash, wash, wash

He said the guidelines of washing hands frequently with soap, making use of hand sanitisers and staying two metres away from the next person must be adhered to at all times.

“Like it has been said, we must wash our hands and I would urge people to keep their houses clean; cleanliness is very important at this point in time,” he said.

With gatherings limited to fewer than 50 people, Mbambo said people should avoid unnecessary meetings. “Avoid unnecessary big meetings, it must not be beyond the limited number of 50 as advised by the health ministry,” Mbambo said.

Angolan border

The Angolan government closed all its borders on Friday after the first two cases of coronavirus in that country were confirmed.

But Ewi lyaNooli has been informed that some Rundu residents are illegally crossing the Okavango River into Angola to procure products for resale in Namibia. Some Angolans are also crossing the border in search of better opportunities in Namibia.

Some people have dual citizenship and frequently move between southern Angola and Rundu.

When asked for comment on the illegal border crossing, Mbambo said people should not take chances as the consequences could be dire.

“I think we just have to adhere to the ministry of social services, we should not cross the border as everyone has the potential to spread the virus.

"We should not have the idea that they will bring the virus here but we too can take the virus there,” Mbambo said.