Library Day celebrated

26 June 2019 | Local News

The Oshana regional library celebrated Library Day 2019 recently at Eluwa Special School in Ongwediva, with the aim of also celebrating the Day of the African Child and educating the children about its archive and information services.

The library staff members also handed over gifts such as sanitary pads, plates, cups and snacks to the children.

These donations were made possible through voluntary contributions by the staff members of three community libraries in the Oshana Region.

Eluwa Special School principal Frans Shivute said approximately 350 visual and hearing impaired learners from across the country enrolled at the school for the current academic year.

The Oshana library first did an assessment on the children's needs. The day also consisted of various reading and learning activities for the kids.

“We highly appreciate the effort by the Oshana library to bring library awareness to our children. For the gifts, we are very much thankful, as many of our children are in need,” said Shivute.

The children were also treated to different fun activities.

Regional chief librarian Jakop Muleka said one of their core objectives is to promote a reading culture for academic excellence.

He said learners should read in order to become knowledgeable and produce good results.

He added that in Oshana, Library Day is dedicated to social responsibility activities involving special groups, such as orphans and vulnerable kids, pre-schools and many more. “Our community libraries offer social services to the community, mostly without a fee,” said Maluleka

Eluwa Special School is one of three schools for visual and hearing impaired children in Namibia. The other two schools are in the Khomas Region.

The school has grade 1 to 10 pupils and many of the learners continue their education at Gabriel Taapopi Senior Secondary School in Ongwediva.