Kavango youth swamped by challenges

28 August 2019 | Local News

During this month's Kavango East presidential town hall meeting, youth did not shy away from laying bare their challenges, while saying they want the 62.5% youth unemployment rate in the region addressed as a matter of urgency.

They expressed their disappointment with local government leaders who they accused of being part the problem, while adding that thousands of youth have been left unemployed and unable to care for themselves and their loved ones.

Kavango East Regional Youth Forum (KERYF) chairperson Anselm Marungu highlighted various challenges the youth in the region are faced with.

He also made recommendations to President Hage Geingob and his delegation.

The issue of youth unemployment in the region has been widely reported, but the youth forum expressed concern over the manner in which local government has responded to the situation.

“Unemployment is a serious threat to the youth of Kavango East,” Marungu said.

“Recent statistics revealed a sad reality that the unemployment rate in the Kavango East Region stands at a whopping 62.5%, making it the highest in the entire country. What is worrisome is that since this report was released there was no deliberation or programme from local government to address this crisis.”

Marungu further alleged there is no hope for the youth in the region, as companies from other regions are being awarded tenders in Kavango East and come with their own workers.

He said some challenges are self-made by leaders at regional and local authority level.

He said over the years youth have submitted a number of proposals to regional leaders, but their ideas are not taken into account.

“In a quest to create jobs and reduce poverty in the region for the youth, we have submitted various project proposals to local government, but it seems their priorities are placed somewhere,” Marungu said.

He recommended that various ministries consider the youth for jobs such as de-bushing in the region.

They further recommended that the Kavango East regional council should prioritise companies from the region for tenders, as more local jobs will be created.