From China with love

27 November 2019 | Local News

A group of 13 Chinese-owned businesses and six individuals, operating under the banner of the Putian Love Team, recently handed donations worth N$180 000 to two schools in Ohangwena.

Omungwelume Senior Secondary School received 480 bags of cement for the construction of a hostel and 18 laptops with a combined value of N$130 000, while Kapombo Combined School received a donation of 10 000 bricks, 24 bags of cement, diamond-mesh wire and two air-conditioners.

The donations were received by Ohangwena governor Usko Nghaamwa, regional education director Isak Hamatwi and Ongha circuit inspector Andreas Amoomo on behalf the two schools.

Hamatwi expressed his gratitude, saying the donations came at a critical time when the education sector faces many challenges.

“We are delighted what our friends in education have done for us here at Kapombo and other schools in Ohangwena. This donation came at a critical time when we are faced by many challenges as a ministry, directorate and as a school.

“You are doing this in the name of education and we are sure that this donation is going to contribute to the improvement of teaching and learning environment here at Kapombo and Omungwelume Secondary School,” Hamatwi said.

Omungwelume is one of the non-boarding secondary schools in Ohangwena, where learners are exposed to many challenges while living on their own away from their family homes.

Nghaamwa has therefore embarked up on a project to construct a community hostel to accommodate 246 learners.

The government has allocated N$6.4 million towards this hostel, while the community and donors have raised close to N$1 million.

At Kapombo, which was formerly just a primary school, they are now also offering junior secondary phase classes.

The school has a shortage of classrooms and is struggling to accommodate extended curriculum learners.

Former chairman of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Namibia, Jindan Lin, said the donation was aimed at supporting local education, as they wanted to improve learning and teaching for Namibian children.

“As we all know, education is the key to human development. It not only changes an individual, but can also enhance national development.

“Based on this understanding, this voluntary donation is just to encourage all learners to study hard,” said Lin.

“As aliens living and working in Namibia, we have already integrated with local people for long time, which has now turned into mutual support. We sincerely hope that all the learners will work harder and become successful in the future. We are confident in our mutual development and more determined to continue staying in this beautiful country.”

Nghaamwa encouraged the Ohangwena community to continue supporting Chinese businesses, saying they care for Namibian children and the future of the nation.