Eembe on Spar shelves

31 March 2021 | Business


The local berries (eembe) can now be found on the shelves of select Spar stores supported by Spar Namibia Group's initiative to promote local products.

Spar, a member of Team Namibia, said this is part of their continuous efforts to provide a market to locals to sell their products.

Ongwediva spar manager Randolph O’Brien said they share the common purpose of economic sustainability and therefore want to enable consumers to make informed decisions about what products are Namibian when they buy.

O'Brien said retailers play an integral part in the success of its collaboration initiative by providing the platforms to make Team Namibia products and services accessible to local consumers.

“We are in the business of helping local farmers. We get butternuts from them, sweet potatoes, cabbages and green peppers. It's good for our consumers because we can offer them low prices,” he said.

O'Brien said the local berries are currently sold at Spar Ongwediva, Oshakati and their SaveMor store in Ondangwa.

Lydia Ndapuninkwa Hangula, an entrepreneur, approached O'Brien to give a market to the women who package the local berries. Hangula said Spar was a bit hesitant at first but O'Brien is now happy to see that the product is selling well.

She said some people love the berries but do not get a chance to go to the informal markets.

“The aim is to formalize them and channel them into lucrative markets. Some people prefer formal markets only and don’t wish to visit informal markets. I am also busy with mutate, our traditional delicacy. Mutete is not yet in the formal market but we are hoping it will get there,” Hangula said.

She is also promoting the local spice - elume linyika.

Hangula said the buy-local campaigns have sprouted across the world, including African countries over the last decade, with the aim to encourage consumers to spend their money in their own countries and communities. - [email protected]