OPE pushes free connections

1 month - 25 September 2019 | Energy

Oshakati Premier Electric (OPE) is on the verge of completing its free connections project taking place through its electrification master plan. In 2001, the OPE...


FNB resuscitates Oshakati hospital

1 month - 25 September 2019 | Health

Health minister Dr Kalumbi Shangula says the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital's resuscitation committee had not been functioning due to lack of training equipment, but thanks to...

Local News

Getting rid of filthy streets

1 month - 25 September 2019 | Local News

KENYA KAMBOWEHundreds of Rundu residents took part in this year’s national clean-up campaign and made a significant difference to the many litter dumping spots around...


Onkalamwenyo ompe

1 month - 25 September 2019 | Health

Konima yomwedhi gumwe sho a nyenyeta pethimbo lyoshigongi sha ningwa komupresidende moRundu kombinga yompumbwe yiilyo yolutu yopaunongononi moshipangelo shepangelo mondoolopa ndjoka, omunaimvo 49, Lukas Mpandu...


Ministry prepares for malaria season

1 month - 25 September 2019 | Health

With good rainfall expected in the coming rainy season, the chances of a malaria outbreak in northern Namibia are also high.This is according to health...


Saving troubled youngsters through football

1 month - 25 September 2019 | Sports

Rundu football team Tura Star United aims to transform the lives of unemployed youngsters by keeping them on the pitch instead of on the streets.In...


Breeding pure

2 months ago - 28 August 2019 | Agriculture

With poultry farming become a lucrative business, especially in drought-stricken areas of northern Namibia, well-known chicken breeder, Ranch Koiimasis, is advising farmers to consider mixing...


Governor wants renamed airport upgraded

2 months ago - 28 August 2019 | Infrastructure

Oshana governor Elia Irimari has welcomed the renaming of the Ondangwa Airport to Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo Airport, while also appealing to the Namibia Airports...

Local News

Hopeless and no one to...

2 months ago - 28 August 2019 | Local News

A struggling family of 11 at Ncamagoro village in Kavango West are finding it hard to make ends meet.They go days without a proper meal,...

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